Let Me Introduce Myself

Listen to My Story – And You’ll Know Why I’m Doing This and Why God Called Me!

Evangelism and Discipleship Training For the Quieter 80%

We are working to equip even the quietest, most private, and most introverted of pastors and congregation members to do relational outreach as “insiders reaching other insiders.”

We Empower Leaders and Teams!

80% of our congregations are full of quiet, private, introverted people who would rather listen than talk, who notice little things like troubled hearts and unmet needs, who are thoughtful and who deeply feel things, and who invite others to disclose their life stories and ask deepest questions.   

Let me help you to equip them to quietly do more than they ever thought possible for the gospel.  I am convinced that God can and will deploy this quiet majority to reach our post-Christian, suspicious culture full of very private people–if only they can be unburdened of false expectations and trained to be all the more what they already are in the Spirit though Jesus Christ our Lord! 

Check out our four freshly revised presentations that will help equip quieter people in the gospel and in discipleship. (There are also special versions for youth gatherings, men’s events, and weekend retreats.)

Evangelism for Quiet People, Part 1 – New Edition

Evangelism for Quiet Peope, Part 2 – New Edition

Discipleship for Quiet People, Part 1 – New Edition

Discipleship for Quiet People, Part 2 – New Edition

Why RTCM? Why Yet Another Organization?

  • What if a large super-majority of people in most American Evangelical congregations–the quieter souls among us–have been largely under-served, under-trained… and even made to doubt their value to God?
  • What if these quieter people actually had the best gifts–helps, mercy, and giving–as well as the right skills–listening, noticing, thoughtfulness, emotional and practical caring–that are most needed right now in the kingdom of God?
  • What if many places outside the affluent, suburban, highly-resourced areas of our nation seldom received effective gospel training? Or couldn’t afford it if it was offered them?
  • What if almost all the methods and skills have been all about accosting strangers with the gospel without any need for a prior relationship? And we ended up building walls instead of bridges?
  • What if almost all our trainings were head-knowledge based and one-and-done magic oriented? And no fruit and no difference resulted?
  • And what if, like me, you had the heart, gifts, ability, and skills to go to these under-served, over-looked, under-resourced places and make an actual difference in the gospel? That’s why. That’s why I’m going. That’s why we exist. That’s why we do what we do!

Here is an interview I did with the Luis Palau citywide gospel movement podcast where I share my testimony and give an introduction to our unique ministry.

What Seasoned Pastors Are Saying…

But What if We’re Not Ready? Do You Offer Anything for Churches Like Us?

The good news is God is doing a quiet work of renewal in unlikely churches, turning them inside outwards and refreshing their outreach to the pre-believers all around them, one person at at time. He sends RTCM to pour some gasoline on their already growing fire and put some practical tools in their people’s toolboxes.

But not every church is there yet. Not every congregation or leadership team is ready. If that’s you, here’s something encouraging to read. And if you’d like to get ready to get ready, we can definitely lend you a hand!

We offer two workshops that help churches discover what’s needed to configure their churches to reach today’s people here in the Pacific NW. (To download an audio file of the presentation, click on the links to the first half and second half. To view these slideshows, just click on the links below!

The Big Shift – All Five Shifts

Engaging Your Culture with the Gospel – RTCM version

RTCM is affiliated with the Luis Palau Next Generation Alliance.
Reach The City Ministries

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