Longing for Something Better Than Slow Decline?

  • If your once effective evangelism methods and programs are yielding diminishing results and increasing negatives…
  • If your heart aches to see the people in your own circles of influence transformed by Christ…
  • If you long to see even the quietest, most private souls become trained, confident ambassadors for the Kingdom of God…
  • If you want to see the credibility of the church’s gospel witness restored in an increasingly skeptical society…
  • If you have too much information and are ready to take some effective actions, and will keep on doing them until you reap an abundant harvest…
  • If God is stirring you up for something fresh and new and He is beginning to move…..

We can help you!

RTCM’s goals are twofold:

1) We are working to equip even the quietest, most private, and most introverted of pastors and congregation members to do relational outreach as “insiders reaching other insiders.”   Here is an interview I did with the Luis Palau citywide gospel movement podcast where I share my testimony and give an introduction to this side of our ministry.

We do this in two ways:

A) by providing evangelism and faith renewal workshops to God-readied pastors, leadership teams, congregations, and groups of churches;

B) by bringing motivational, heart-connecting messages from God’s Word that lead to a fresh encounter with Christ in the power of the Spirit.

80% of our congregations are full of quiet, private, introverted people who would rather listen than talk, who notice little things like troubled hearts and unmet needs, who are thoughtful and who deeply feel things, and who invite others to disclose their life stories and ask deepest questions.   But almost all of our evangelism training is done by “unconsciously competent” extroverts, sales people, and personal charisma people that this 80% will never be like.   Then end up feeling defeated instead of celebrated, ignored instead of recognized, and benched instead of sent into the gospel field. The good news is they don’t have to be!  I ask you to let me equip them to quietly do more than they ever thought possible for the gospel.  I am convinced that God can and will deploy this quiet majority to reach our post-Christian, suspicious culture full of very private people–if only they can be unburdened of false expectations and trained to be all the more what they already are in the Spirit though Jesus Christ our Lord!  Check out the four presentations we use with churches to help equip quieter people in the gospel and in discipleship. (To view a slideshow: first click on the link below, then click on the link directly underneath the title in the next page)

Evangelism for Quiet People Part 1 PPT Full Version

Evangelism for Quiet People Part 2 PPT Full Version

Discipleship for Anyone – Part 1 – master copy

Discipleship for Anyone – Part 2 – master copy

2) We are working (with many others) to facilitate citywide, prayer-birthed, relationship-based gospel movements in the Pacific Northwest!

It’s already happening in many places.   But not all.  So how might it begin?  RTCM has found it can be done through building trust and brotherhood among the pastors, by facilitating the exchange of information and of holy dreams to do good, and by acting as a catalyst to stimulate various parts of the body of Christ to link up with like-gifted, like-minded strategic partners.  Why is this important?  Here’s are two presentations that give the big picture of what’s needed in the gospel here in the Pacific NW. (To download an audio file of the presentation, click on the links to the first half and second half. To view a slideshow: first click on the link below, then click on the link directly underneath the title in the next page)

The Big Shift – All Five Shifts

Engaging Your Culture with the Gospel – RTCM version

We want to start a chain reaction of gospel grace on a personal level, and together as one body in Christ!

First within the body of Christ, and then as a united Body with other strategic partners in our city, we aim to show our city Jesus cares, that the gospel is powerful to change lives, and that He is what their hearts have been seeking.  What the skeptical world has yet to really see is His church loving the unloved and unlovely groups and places in their cities and regions–loving without getting anything in return for a long, long, long time until it’s so visible nobody can deny it!  And so visible many doubters want to know what makes us so different in a good way. Here is a link to an interview I did on revival with MaxHope at the San Diego State student radio station.

Our method is simple, proven, and personal. It begins with deploying our trained people into places they already are–moving them out of the religious building and into building everyday relationships.

We can be trained to build relationships with pre-Christians over a period of time, bathing these relationships in prayer and in caring words and deeds.   We can be trained how listen to their life stories, and learn how to notice and point out where Christ’s love can be found to their story.  Hearts are revealed, issues are surfaced, grace is shared, and isolation is ended.  We can learn how to share the basic truths of the Gospel. We can be trained how to share our own Christ stories of personal transformation.   We can be trained how to naturally call for a decision, wait prayerfully for an answer, and confidently expect to see gospel results in the listener’s life.  Once they experience the  joy of personally experiencing Christ’s love and being transformed, it births a natural desire to share with others what they themselves have received.   

As these gospel realities grow, visible unity and skillful caring lead to new gospel endeavors to serve our communities and embody Christ to them. We learn how to operate in a post-Christian world.

Hearts are warmed up and drawn near to God.  New believers are excited and eager to learn and start reaching out to their friends.  The church begins to turn outward–looking more and more with gospel eyes at the people who are already all around them, practicing their gospel .  Refreshed in the gospel, we offer to serve our communities together and love under-loved groups of people for a long, long time.  We then become a valued, reliable partner to other civic-minded and compassionate individuals and organizations.    Good things lead to other good things, and opportunities lead to other opportunities to care in new, life-changing ways that transform the spiritual fabric of our city.  We go from being a disliked religious minority that’s held at arm’s length to a welcome friend of sinners.

This high-relationship, love-in-action approach by all thus increases credibility for the gospel and sees many people transformed by the grace of Christ.  

It makes inroads of mercy into the cities and communities in which they live. Former adversaries become strategic partners to the benefit of the whole community. An upward cycle of open doors leading to more open doors for Christ to extend His kingdom boundaries through His church–with the potential to transform an entire community in a lasting way. We get more and more opportunities to build strong bridges to people, share the Good News with them, and see transformed people transform their workplaces, communities, families, and neighborhoods. This kind of thing is happening all over the Third World–so why can’t it happen right here, right now?

So let’s link up and get started!

RTCM is affiliated with the Luis Palau Next Generation Alliance.
Reach The City Ministries

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